4 Reasons Girls Should Be Sluts

In this day and age, many females are shamed for being a slut. Not only is it cruel and mean to treat sluts so badly, but it makes you look trashy.


The first reason every girl should be a slut is because it builds her spiritual life.

Many religious females have a hard time with their sexual frustration because it is a sin to masturbate. It gets to the point where she is sitting in church and uses the restroom mid-sermon because she has to finger herself. Awful and immoral, right? So if she becomes a slut, riding a dick a few times a week, she will be able to sit in church, in comfort, and hear the great news of our Lord, Jesus Christ. *George Bush voice*

Lets say riding a dick a few times a week can’t do the trick. She may have to have sex at least twice a day to really get the hang of not being horny 24/7.

Another great reason is cum.

You bitches need to swallow. Did you know that semen is a natural anti-depressant and it improves your sleep? (1)

If you can suck a dick once for some free coke, you can suck a dick every day for free nutrients. Dont be wasteful; eat it all like your momma taught you.

Reason #3 is the perks.

If you need a ride anywhere, just call a guy with a car and offer to give him some dome or even fuck the crap out of him. What do you get from this? A free ride, free nutrients, and possibly a new STD you can show off to your friends.

More perks include: free weed, free booze, free anything. If you become a slut, the world is yours.

And the final reason every female needs to become a slut is More guy friends.

After you have been around your county a few times, you start making more guy friends. They’re hear to listen to you and help you with your problems, as long as there’s sex involved. Truly greatness. You give him head and he gives you his compassion.

If this post has educated you, please share it with anyone that may need to read this


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